Strategy + Execution = A Recipe for Leadership Success

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford

Strategy + Execution = A Recipe for Leadership Success

One of the top questions I get asked involves how to be successful in leadership. It seems as though most people think that there’s a magic way to go about this. They can snap their fingers and success will happen! It doesn’t work like that, but, there is one thing you can do – follow a simple recipe with two components: strategy and execution. While the formula isn’t exactly magic, it is easy to follow. And it works, because the best way to accomplish something is by coming up with a plan and then following it.


Work On Your Strategy

Start out with a solid plan. Make sure that it’s reasonable and contains a time frame that you can stick to and work with. This is important, as your execution depends on how well you have laid out the project at hand. You don’t want to go in cold and end up with a mess on your hands. Instead, take the time to research each component and figure what needs to be done in order to complete it.


Efficiently Execute Your Plans

Once you have a strategy in place, the next step is easy: follow it! By completing the project on time and within your budget, you will have a small success on your hands. If everything ended well and your bosses are pleased, then that small success became an even larger one. This is why the strategic component of this formula is so important – you had everything ready and waiting for you, all that needed to be done was the work itself.


If you follow your recipe for success by planning out your actions and then following through appropriately, you will find yourself even more successful than you were before. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Guess what: it is!

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