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The Danger of Overconfidence

When I talk to the executives of different companies, I’ll often say, “Here’s one of the rules you need to have as a leader.  You 100%, absolutely have to brag…  About someone else.”

When you brag about yourself, that’s called ego.  But when you brag about someone else, that’s called encouragement.  What kind of leader do you really want to be?

Let me tell you a story in history about the danger of overconfidence…



Understanding Poor Performance in Leadership Roles

It’s inevitable that there will be times when you’re unhappy with the performance of someone on your staff. In the old days, the answer was often to try to force improvement. “Shape up or ship out” was the motto. The attitude among most leaders was that the employee needed the job more than the company needed the employee. If someone wasn’t adjusting well or doing the job, then it was time to move on to someone else.