7 Things About Jeremy


It took six years and over sixty rejections to get published.

A lot of people would have given up but Jeremy believed it would happen and persevered. “It was hard not to become bitter and discouraged.” Finally Tyndale Publishing came into the picture and “Be Last – Descending to Greatness” was born. Now doors are opening a little faster with publishers,”Inspired People Produce Results” is Jeremy’s latest release published by McGraw Hill.


Jeremy is a runner.

Ever since he was introduced to long distance running as a soccer player, Jeremy has made it part of his weekly routine. He tries to run at least three times a week whether he is home or on the road. It has become a great time to think, plan, and pray. Exercise is important for everyone. According to Mayoclinic.com exercise helps improve your mood, combats chronic diseases, manage your weight, boost your energy level, and promotes better sleep.


Jeremy spoke to a crowd of over 65,000 people at one time.

The largest crowd Jeremy ever addressed was in Mount Union, Pennsylvania. As one of the speakers at Creation Music Festival, Jeremy spoke to a group of over 65,000 people about the importance of helping the poor and an organization called Compassion International. People had come from all over world to the festival for a great weekend of music and teaching.


Almost Hollywood?

Most people don’t know that Jeremy was pursuing an acting career after he finished grad-school. One of Jim Carrey’s movies was filming in South Carolina and Jeremy went down to audition as a body double. He was given the part on the spot and told to return on Monday to start shooting. Jeremy was so excited as he drove home, he immediately called one of his friends to tell him the great news when all of a sudden his phone beeped with an incoming call. Jeremy clicked over to hear the voice of the casting director saying “I’m really sorry but we actually just found someone much better and more qualified. We will not have a place for you, good luck though.” It was at that moment that Jeremy decided a different stage with a different message was calling.


He loves hoops.

A love of sports runs deep in the Kingsley family. Jeremy’s dad was a star athlete growing up in Wisconsin and later coached for many years. His grandfather was a great baseball player who at one point even caught fly balls for Babe Ruth during Yankee batting practice. Jeremy fell in love with basketball and played three years on his high school varsity team. He scored over 1000 points and was named the Conference Most Valuable Player his senior year. Now he loves playing with his sons, Jaden and Dylan.


How does Jeremy relax?

There are a number of things that Jeremy has found over time that help him relax. He likes to fish with his boys, play golf with his dad, attend a big sports event, or catch a movie with a friend. “I’m not really good at fishing or golf but they are both so fun. You catch one fish or hit one good drive off the tee and its like Christmas!” “Because my professional life is always around a large crowd, when I am home I just like to be with my family or with a friend to two.”


Leadership has become a passion.

Something interesting has been happening at events over the past few years, when Jeremy is not on stage he seems to get surrounded by leaders who want to talk. Questions are asked about managing people, setting vision, developing strategy, and many more. People want to hear about the different groups he has worked with, what he has seen over the years, what works and doesn’t work, how are Gen X and Gen Y best led, and what makes an effective leader.