Motivational Leadership: Seize and Enjoy the Moment

Time flies! You know how everyone’s always saying, “seize the moment!”? Of course there are others who say, “the moment seizes us.”

Motivational Leadership: Seize and Enjoy the Moment

Either way, our culture has embedded in us the fear of missing out, or #FOMO as it’s trending now. It drives leaders and employees into continual striving and life with an “every-day I’m hustlin’” mentality.

We’re all so busy and hectic that even the topic of our busy-ness has become a cliché. Much of the reality of our overly crowded schedules is our pride. We’re proud to be busy, to be achieving, to be seen, and to be needed.

Living and working with the fear of missing out is dangerous.

We pick up job after job thinking there may be a better position out there and we skip out on the benefits of networking and long-term skill building.

We jump in and out of opportunities chasing the phantom “better choice.” But in the end we often miss out on experiencing the richer levels of special relationships and accomplishments found through teamwork and enduring commitment.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a balance here we can’t ignore. Most of us can’t afford the luxury of living listlessly. That approach would be disastrous to our productivity, careers, friends and families.

On the other hand, it would be equally disastrous and exhausting to live so mentally paranoid of “missing out” on future moments that we miss the special things right in front of us now.

The key is to find balance in maintaining a posture of openness to the moments and the people all around.

Be thankful for the context you are in, appreciate the time and place.

Be intentional and consistently choose to enjoy where you are. That opportunity is always available.

I like the way one person said, “The moment… it’s always right now.”

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