4 Leadership Tips to Keep Great Employees

Finding great employees is one thing; keeping them in your organization is another. Many employees that fall into this category know that their skills and experience are valued and highly marketable, making it easy for them to move on to other workplaces, even those that belong to your competitors. In order to keep them happy, productive, and working for your company, you should consider following these four leadership tips.

4 Leadership Tips to Keep Great Employees

1) Provide plenty of opportunities for advancement.

If your company doesn’t have room to grow at the top, then expanding and creating new positions may be in order. Work with your employees to create a position that matches his or her skill set; one that comes with a better title and a salary increase that matches accordingly. This shows that you know their value.


2) Listen to what they have to say.

Nothing dismays an employee more than being ignored completely. If he or she has a good suggestion or idea, then follow through with it. It may not fit the situation at this exact moment, but it might in the future. In addition, when this proposal is finally put into place, be sure to give credit where it’s due.


3) Stop micromanaging.

Great employees don’t need to be repeatedly reminded of their tasks. In fact, many already know what to do in a given situation. Allowing them some leeway, particularly in situations that the employees have faced before, shows that you trust them to get the job done. Be sure to stop in and ask questions to make sure that things are moving appropriately when necessary, but don’t hover and act as though they don’t know what to do.


4) Remove negative people from your organization.

Nothing chases good employees away faster than having to work with others who are not team players. Whether these negative employees don’t know what they are doing, aren’t solid workers, or simply have bad attitudes, they will bring everyone around them down. Removing them from your workplace will allow the great employees to shine.


There will be times when you lose great people for good reasons, just make sure everyone knows you are dedicated to helping them become the best they can be.


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