4 Motivational Leadership Tips for Inspiring Your Employees

Once you’ve filled your offices with good employees, your next step involves keeping them inspired. We all know that uninspired employees turn into unhappy ones – and then they leave your organization, looking for something new. There are a few ways to keep your employees happy, productive, and proud of the work that they do. Consider using one or more of these motivational leadership tactics.

4 Motivational Leadership Tips for Inspiring Your Employees

1) Host an ideas round table.

Let your employees know in advance (about one to two weeks should be enough time) that you plan on holding an “ideas round table.” What does this involve? A bunch of your employees, a table with sugary treats, and an open session where they can toss out ideas and build upon them without being judged. They’ll appreciate the fact that you want their input, and will come away inspired and ready to work.


2) Provide them with books and other materials needed for achievement.

Nothing quite says “I know you can do a good job” like buying and handing out books filled with business advice and motivational tips. You will earn their respect, and let them know that they are valued with this one simple gesture. Plus, the material in those books may help them come up with new ideas or find a way to get more done in less time.


3) Give your employees ownership in their ideas.

Here’s a good example: if one of your employees comes up with a great idea (either at your “ideas round table” or on a separate occasion) let them run with it. If they need to form a committee to get the task done or analyze the idea further, have them choose their own team and go for it. Leadership, even on a small project, can inspire every employee.


4) Say “thank you” and show your employees how much you appreciate them. Gratitude means everything, particularly in the workplace.

You may appreciate the hard work your employees do without saying a word. However, those few simple words: “thank you” or “you did a good job today” can add a proverbial spring to the step of every one of your employees. You need to show them that they are appreciated, not just assume that they know that they are.


Following these four suggestions will keep your employees happy and motivated, which will add your company’s bottom line. That, and a stress-free work environment are what everyone dreams of, and thankfully, those dreams are completely attainable.

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