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9 Secrets of Highly Successful People

Every company has “that” person. The one who manages to get their work done on time, meet all of their quarterly goals, and who still has time to pick up the slack from co-workers who aren’t quite as good at getting things done. How does this person do it? They adhere to the nine secrets of success.

Secrets of Highly Successful People

Say Something Nice

George and Mary Lou were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. A reporter, noting that so many marriages end in divorce, wondered what secret had enabled them to keep their relationship strong for fifty years. “What is your recipe,” the reporter asked George, “for a long, happy marriage?” George answered that just after his wedding, his new father-in-law pulled him aside and gave him a gift. It was a gold watch, one that George still wore all these years later. He drew up his sleeve to show the reporter. Imprinted on the face of the watch were the words George had read several times each day for the last five decades: “Say something nice to Mary Lou.”3

Say Something Nice