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6 Leadership Lessons from the Ronda Rousey Loss

It was one of those sporting events that seemed to captivate the world. Even people who didn’t have a clue what UFC stands for were watching and weighing in on Ronda Rousey’s fight with Holly Holm. Rousey entered the night 12-0, a heavy favorite whose last three fights had lasted only a combined 64 seconds!


But Holm, the humble “Preacher’s Daughter,” brought strength, power, stamina, and, most important, a masterfully executed strategy. Rousey came away with her first professional loss in the worst way imaginable, a “lights-out” knockout that left her with enough injuries to warrant a lengthy medical suspension.

It’s not Luck, it’s Preparation

If you pay attention to how often people talk about luck, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a concept we rely on quite a bit. Depending on the time and the culture, luck can mean a lot of different things, from a random event to the work of supernatural forces to a lucky object, number, or date.


In contemporary America, we think of luck most often as an event or occurrence that falls outside our control. We love to hear stories of chance and coincidence—the wilder and more improbable, the better.