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Leadership 101 from Grandma’s Kitchen

We often think of leadership as something that’s found in boardrooms and executive suites—but that’s a limiting perspective. In truth, examples of great leadership can turn up where you least expect to find them.


Recently my thirteen year old son had taken his love of pecan pie to the next level by learning to make it for himself. As luck would have it, he has access to the best cook and baker in our part of the world—Grandma, who lives just a few miles down the road from us.

Even a Super Hero Needs a Plan of Attack

Setting the bar high for yourself is not a bad thing; but even Superman needed help from Lois Lane every once in a while.


Betsy’s known for her reliability. She’s great at working independently and can be trusted to complete projects that have been assigned to her. Her boss knows that when a last minute task comes up, he can always depend on Betsy to take care of it. In many ways, Betsy is a dream employee, and while she likes being the “go to” gal, she realizes that she’s close to burnout.