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4 Organizational “Spring Cleaning” Tips

After a few false starts, spring seems to finally be here for good. As we open windows and begin to enjoy longer days, sometimes we literally see our home in a different light—and it’s not always a good sight. Dusty corners, neglected stacks of old paperwork, clutter and smudges that seem to appear out of nowhere prompt us to schedule some time for the ritual of spring cleaning.


In organizational life, too, it’s important to stop from time to time and take a look around with fresh eyes. Where could your team use some work?

Some Titles Are Overrated

Most of us in business leadership have at least some degree of pride in our title, whether it’s manager, director, vice president, CEO, or owner. We put it on our business cards, on our office door, under our name in mail and email signature blocks. It lets people know two things: what you do, and how far you’ve risen.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your hard work or being happy when it’s rewarded. But the farther up the ladder you go, the more important it is to remember how little your title means to the people who matter most: the people on your team.