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Michael Phelps – Dedication, Passion, Success!

If anyone has earned a solid retirement, it’s Michael Phelps. A quick summary of his career: The most decorated Olympic athlete of all time with 28 medals, 23 of them gold. He swam in 5 Olympic games, finished with a medal in 93% of his Olympic races, has more medals than 108 countries, and broke 39 world records during his career. Oh, and a few years ago he launched the Michael Phelps Foundation to promote the sport of swimming and healthful living.


3 Lessons from Rio: When Challenges Threaten, Respond Strategically

With the opening of the 2016 Summer Games approaching, it’s a topic I often hear leaders talking about as I speak at conferences and events.

Rio 2016


Unfortunately, the conversations so far have mirrored the headlines, focusing on issues with the host site or the games themselves. There are stories of construction delays, water quality concerns, crime, and of course the Zika virus, which is keeping some participants away. Doping scandals have becoming an unfortunate part of most international events, but the recent twist has involved the quality of the labs doing the testing. Even feel-good stories like the progress of the Olympic torch have had a way of turning bad, as when an endangered jaguar, after taking part in a torch ceremony, escaped its handlers and was killed by the military.