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The Humble Leader

Even though it’s been around as a concept for nearly 50 years—and in reality much longer, depending on how you define it—servant leadership has been growing in prominence. Maybe it’s a reaction to the excesses of ego and power in some sectors of business, or an acknowledgement of interdependence.


I suspect that the biggest factor, however, is a growing awareness that it works—and that it leaves everyone involved better off than zero-sum business philosophies where the winners end up on top and the losers don’t matter.

What can we learn from “Avengers, Age of Ultron”?

Are you one of the millions who watched the long-awaited, fast-paced, wisecracking, action-packed adventure film, Avengers, Age of Ultron? In satisfying Marvel fashion, the movie is an entertaining blur of beloved action figures, a gripping doomsday plot, spectacular moves, and dazzling special effects. But even more than the hilarious quips between the Avengers cast, I was surprised to notice the film was packed with leadership lessons – at least as many as the number of metal suits.

Avengers_Age of Ultron_Marvel

From well-resourced Tony Stark, we see how important it is to be faithful in keeping all your bases covered and a backup ready.