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Building up or Tearing down?

If you haven’t read Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly, you may want to pick up a copy. Brown talks about the power of vulnerability within businesses, leadership, and personal relationships. She explains how sadly common it is to find business leaders who lead through shaming others (the opposite of encouraging).


One example she gave was an executive who regularly rated his employees on one of two big white boards outside his office. The list separated his company’s workforce in two categories: the losers and the winners. Such outright shaming crippled the growth and success of the company and only pushed employees to leave and work for the competition.

Dean Smith: A Coach’s Legacy

In the days since the death of legendary University of North Carolina coach Dean Smith, countless stories have made their way into print, on the air, and in social media. We’ve heard about his extraordinary career, the 879 wins that gave him the Division I men’s record at the time. We’ve heard about his emphasis on loyalty and teamwork that has come to be known as the Carolina Way. We’ve heard from his former players—including his best-known protégé, Michael Jordan—how he inspired them to be better people, and from his colleagues and neighbors about his huge heart and spirit.


My own connection with Smith is secondhand: My father, who coached basketball for more than 20 years, occasionally attended coaching clinics taught by Smith. He always returned impressed by Smith’s expertise, and just as impressed with his demeanor. “Class” is the word I most remember hearing Dad use to describe him.