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How (and Why) Great Leaders Delegate

One thing I love about the work I do is that it gives me contact with a wide range of leaders. I especially enjoy the opportunity to learn from those whose commitment, drive, and intelligence result in the kind of great leadership we all want to emulate.


They’re a wide-ranging group, but there are a few traits that many of them share. Here’s one near the top of the list: They are masters of delegation.

Gratitude: Say “Thank You” Like You Mean It

If you’ve spent much time around young children, you’ve probably seen some version of this interaction play out when you hand a snack to a toddler:


Parent:What do you say?

Child (mouth full, all attention on remaining food): “Mmankoo

You may or may not find this charming behavior in a three-year-old, but for adults—and especially for adults in leadership—gratitude is something worth taking very seriously. Few things motivate people better than feeling appreciated, and few things are more demoralizing than feeling unappreciated.