Leadership Tips to Deal with Workplace Whiners The Right Way

Negativity in the workplace can be annoying. No one wants to hear someone spew negative thoughts for 40 hours a week. Did you know that it can affect your productivity and overall health as well? Studies have shown that workplace whiners can affect their coworkers thought processes, leading to problems focusing on a task, making good decisions, and disrupting the learning process. All of this can lead to stress, which can then in turn cause physical health problems. In short, use these leadership tips to deal with complaining coworkers before they turn you into one of them.

Leadership Tips to Deal with Workplace Whiners The Right Way

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

One simple question can turn a negative attitude around into a positive one. That question? “What is your favorite ‘fill-in-the-blank?’” This gets your workplace whiner into a better mood, as he or she responds, thinking the entire time of something far more positive than their current target. You could also give them a compliment on something that they’ve accomplished. A few accolades (no matter how small) might be enough to induce change.

Look at Things from Their Points Of View

Workplace whiners come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common – their work attitudes often come from issues elsewhere. They might be having problems at home, be dealing with a sick parent, or be working through relationship difficulties. Someone with a negative outlook on life might also be young and immature. You need to put yourself in their shoes in order to find ways to change their outlooks.

Hold Them Accountable for Their Actions

Sometimes, explaining what their negative attitudes are doing to those around them is all that it takes to make them stop. Simply reminding them that they are putting everyone in a bad mood, effecting productivity, and adding additional stress might just do the trick. If not, feel free to be open about it and ask what could be done to put them in a better frame of mind. The solution might be simple!

The negative effects of workplace whiners can make your office a miserable place to be. Before you succumb to the negative thoughts of your coworkers, see if you can use one of these three suggestions to stop them in their tracks and create a healthier environment.

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