Leadership Tips to Deal with Workplace Whiners The Right Way

Negativity in the workplace can be annoying. No one wants to hear someone spew negative thoughts for 40 hours a week. Did you know that it can affect your productivity and overall health as well? Studies have shown that workplace whiners can affect their coworkers thought processes, leading to problems focusing on a task, making good decisions, and disrupting the learning process. All of this can lead to stress, which can then in turn cause physical health problems. In short, use these leadership tips to deal with complaining coworkers before they turn you into one of them.

Leadership Tips to Deal with Workplace Whiners The Right Way

What A Good Leader Should Do When Life Doesn’t Go Thier Way

Have you ever had a day when things just don’t go your way? In life, there is certainly discouragement and disappointment. If you want to be a good leader, pick your head up and start looking for your next steps. You may be pleasantly surprised to find something even better just around the corner.


Leadership Tips for Unique People who Need Unique Responses

After I received my undergraduate degree at Columbia International University, I went back to school to earn a master’s degree in teaching. One of my professors there was as tough as they come. She was always after me to do better. Though she seemed to go easy on other students, I could never satisfy her.

Humility Builds Leadership Loyalty

Strong leadership inspires strong loyalty. There’s a way to inspire loyalty among your team, a method that might surprise you: Lead with humility. Most managers don’t think of humility as a key to strong leadership. They figure they need to appear as forceful, confident, and in charge. Humility, they believe, will be viewed as a sign of weakness.

Leadership in Business and The Need to Be Connected

Many companies rely on financial incentives to “buy” loyalty from their employees. They pay higher salaries than the competition or offer deferred compensation such as stock options and generous pensions. And yes, this does provide a strong reason to stick around in a job, especially during and after a recession. But most people, believe it or not, find little inspiration in the almighty dollar. They may appreciate their salary and show up for work each day yet still lack the motivation to do their best.

The Missing Leadership Ingredients: Passion & Vision

A survey of more than seven thousand American workers found that only 45 percent of workers say they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs. “At the same time, a much lower number actually feel very ‘engaged’ by their jobs. Only 20 percent feel very passionate about their jobs; less than 15 percent agree that they feel strongly energized by their work; and only 31 percent (strongly or moderately) believe that their employer inspires the best in them.”1

The Missing Leadership Ingredients: Passion & Vision