Leadership Hacks for Workplace Motivation

Getting up and going to work every morning is one thing – being motivated to actually accomplish something while you’re there is another. It’s too easy to spend time on social media, wandering the internet in search of news updates, or doing everything other than actual work. Motivating yourself to be truly productive each day can be tricky, but it’s not impossible, even if you don’t love your job.

Leadership Hacks for Workplace Motivation

Reward Yourself for Meeting Goals

Sometimes you need to bribe yourself in order to accomplish a lot. Set a goal for yourself each day and come up with a reward for meeting it. For example, if you need to make five sales calls, and you manage that, buy yourself a nice lunch. Other treats can be tickets to movies or sporting events, new clothing, or whatever propels you to work hard.

Learn From a Co-Worker or Teammate

Find someone who loves their job, someone who manages to get a lot of work done each day without complaint, and ask them how they do it. Not everyone loves their job at first, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t learn to enjoy it.

Ask For Feedback

At times, positive feedback is all that it takes to add a little bounce to your step and give you the much needed motivation to complete your tasks. But, don’t be alarmed by negative feedback. Instead, take the advice and tips you are given and learn to improve.

Build a Wall of Success

If your “wins” are staring you right in the face, your self-esteem will go up, giving you the confidence you need to work harder. Your wall of success can be above your desk, on the home screen of your computer, or anywhere where you spend a lot of time.

Motivating yourself to work harder by rewarding yourself, following in the footsteps of co-workers, asking for feedback, and creating a wall of success will only give you more reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

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