Help Your Speaker Make Your Event Top Notch

I have been traveling around the country full-time as a professional speaker for many years. I love delivering the keynote speech at conferences, conventions, and special events. Meeting planners often ask me questions like, “Is there anything we could have done better? What can we do to improve?”  My normal answer is – “It’s all about the details.” Those with less experience often miss some of the fine points that can make the difference between a successful event and one that leaves people feeling disappointed, empty, and unimpressed. When it comes to working with speakers, here are some of the most important things you can do to assure a good experience for everyone:

9 Secrets of Highly Successful People

Every company has “that” person. The one who manages to get their work done on time, meet all of their quarterly goals, and who still has time to pick up the slack from co-workers who aren’t quite as good at getting things done. How does this person do it? They adhere to the nine secrets of success.

Secrets of Highly Successful People

Say Something Nice

George and Mary Lou were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. A reporter, noting that so many marriages end in divorce, wondered what secret had enabled them to keep their relationship strong for fifty years. “What is your recipe,” the reporter asked George, “for a long, happy marriage?” George answered that just after his wedding, his new father-in-law pulled him aside and gave him a gift. It was a gold watch, one that George still wore all these years later. He drew up his sleeve to show the reporter. Imprinted on the face of the watch were the words George had read several times each day for the last five decades: “Say something nice to Mary Lou.”3

Say Something Nice

Do you control the calendar? Or does it control you?

“Time management is a mark of self-discipline. It can be learned. You can control the calendar or the calendar can control you.” – Jeremy Kingsley

Do you control the calendar


There are dozens of time management courses and books out there, many of which repeat the same lessons over and over – write down appointments and reminders, schedule in time for interruptions, and so on. But, it’s too easy to ignore those tips and let your calendar take control of your life. Your life needs to be about more than your appointment book, iCalendar, and daily reminders. You need to be disciplined enough to have power over your schedule. This isn’t an impossible task, and it can be accomplished with these five tips:

Define Your Unique Purpose

Your ability to inspire your staff may depend on your skill at defining your team or company’s unique purpose. Everyone wants to make more money and deliver better quality and service. Do you know what purpose separates you from the rest of the pack? Employees will quickly sense when a leader is pretending to have a plan or is settling for the same goals everyone else makes. It’s your commitment to see beyond the routine and understand what’s truly needed that will impress and motivate your people.

Define Your Unique Purpose

Handle with Care: Hiring, Firing & Other Sticky Situations

As a leader, you probably already know that good communication is important when it comes to handling sensitive matters. But if you didn’t, here’s a quick primer on how to communicate clearly when you are hiring new employees, firing current ones, and working through those sticky situations that have a habit of popping up when you least expect them.

Sticky Situations