Becoming a Leader of The Green Factor

As you evaluate the appeal of your work space: How “green” is our business? A recent poll by reported that 92 percent of young professionals would rather work for organizations that are environmentally friendly, and 80 percent are interested in securing a job that impacts the environment in a positive way.5 Members of Generation Y prefer to work in a job that supports or promotes what is beneficial to the environment. It might be preventing pollution, reducing the consumption of natural resources, or actively promoting the appreciation of or protection of natural resources.

The Green Factor

Even if your business does not do any of these things overtly, you are more likely to attract and retain today’s young professional—as well as the mature, environmentally conscious employee—by maintaining a work space that is ecologically friendly. Some choices are obvious: recycle cans, bottles, paper, newspapers, and magazines; find ways to reduce the use of printer paper, such as printing on both sides of a sheet for internal documents; send extra food from company events home with employees or deliver the food to a local charity rather than throw it away (if you do, make sure your employees know it!).

Another idea is to form a “green team” that can brainstorm and develop ideas for further savings and physical improvements. It’s a great way to interact with your employees and allow them to play a role in creating an environment that works for everyone.

The concept is – to get to know your people and their values, and respond accordingly. If you demonstrate that you care about their physical environment, it says that you care about them and are a good leader.

Adapted excerpt from: “Inspired People Produce Results” – Jeremy Kingsley, McGraw-Hill (2013)