4 Solutions for Cynicism in the Workplace for Leaders in Business

Recent studies have shown that cynical workers aren’t born that way. Instead, the pressures of the workplace made them turn cynical. Their negativity has disastrous consequences for the workplace, as it leads to a lack of job satisfaction for everyone who works with them. To put it simply, cynicism is contagious!

4 Solutions for Cynicism in the Workplace for Leaders in Business - PENDING REVIEW

Cynicism in general leads to health issues in the form of stress and depression. It can create a cycle that feels endless, and where happiness no longer exists. Don’t let the downward spiral of cynicism take hold in your workplace. Your best bet is to stop this problem before it starts.


1) Provide employees with self-empowerment and motivation.

Employees who manage themselves are always happier. They can work on what they need to without being micromanaged. Give them plenty of by letting them lead their own projects, and providing them with the resources and tools that they need to succeed.


2) Create a dialog, both with cynical employees and non-cynical ones.

Make sure that your employees know that your door is always open. Give them a safe space to vent frustrations and concerns, and act on their worries or do your best to assuage them. While doing this, let your employees know that communication is of the utmost importance, and that they need to open a dialog between each other.


3) Invite in transparency.

At times, your employees might be cynical out of fear. If there’s a potential merger lingering on the horizon, or the company’s financial outlook is poor, let them know that there are plans in place. However, don’t just say that there are plans – share the specifics. The less secretive you are, the less cynical they will be.


4) Offer employees a choice.

Of course, that choice shouldn’t be “it’s my way or the highway.” Empowered workers are less cynical and are far happier. Ask you employees for their input, and make them feel as though they are involved in company decisions and plans. If they suggest something great, follow through with it and give them credit. Morale will improve right away!


Cynicism in the workplace can be stopped once it’s began, although your best bet is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

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