4 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Stress in Leadership

The inbox on your desk – and the one in your email – are both full of things that need to be dealt with. Your calendar shows that you are booked solid for the next week and a half. You have employees to meet with, potential new ones to interview, and a million other things to do, but little time to do them in. It’s no wonder that you’re stressed out. Leadership is hard. Thankfully, there are a few things that can help you manage your stress levels. Take the time to follow these tips, before you end up snapping at your employees and taking your stress out on others.

4 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Stress in Leadership

1) Step away from the computer for ten minutes every few hours.

Studies have shown that spending all of your time chained to your office desk and computer raise your stress levels – even if you’re being productive. A short, ten minute break spent on your feet and away from your desk will help considerably.  Socializing is a good stress reliever as well, so consider spending your ten minute break drinking coffee and talking to your co-workers.


2) Schedule relaxation time.

Whether you set aside a few hours on the weekend to play golf, watch a movie, or read a book, it’s important that you take the time to clear your head. Busy people tend to follow their calendars religiously, so add some “fun time” to yours. Otherwise, you may never have a chance to relax.


3) Exercise in your off time.

Instead of lounging in front of the television set when you get home, spend some time in the gym. Exercise is a proven stress-reliever, and you’d be surprised how cathartic it is to take out some of your stress-induced aggression on a punching bag, spin class, or the treadmill.


4) Watch something funny.

The old saying is that “laughter is the best medicine.” This is still very much the case, as it is a proven way to relieve stress and brighten your mood. Whether you watch a short video on YouTube or listen to a friend tell jokes, you will feel some of the stress melt away as you laugh.


As you can see, overcoming stress isn’t completely impossible. Following at least one of these tips on a regular basis will lower your stress levels, thus turning you into a better boss or employee. You’ll feel better and will be more productive.

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